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foobar2000 "cuts" audio

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I've been using foobar2000 and noticed some weird things with its audio playback. Basically, a couple seconds into the track it suddenly stops playing it for like a milisecond and then plays like nothing happened. And this popping occurs a few times per song and is really weird. I've tried checking out buffer length and full file buffering, but... yeah, I'm a noob, these weren't appropriate options ^^

And it can't be a hardware problem. Not only is my PC a 6-core 3,8GHz AMD X6 with 16 gigs of RAM and a Sound Blaster Audigy running Windows 7 64bit, but for example in Windows Media Player there is no problem at all. Same goes for videogames etc., it's just foobar making problems. And I don't really want to switch to another player...

So what could be responsible for this "stuttering"?

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I've had something similar happening on my laptop when playing off an external drive which powers down if not used, but never from an internal drive (SSD). Have you checked your power management settings? 

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I have an 7200RPM HDD, but it don't think this could be a problem (as I said, it works fine in Windows Media Player). I changed the power management from balanced to high performance, but it didn't help, unfortunately :/

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Sounds like Windows 7, have you considered latency in respect to wireless network adapter?

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Nooo... why would I? I listen to music from the hard drive that's in the PC, not networked. And it's plugged into my router with a cable, not through Wi-Fi or something.

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