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Looking for Basshead Phones, I Know What I'm Looking For!

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I am looking to purchase a pair of full-sized headphones that have a strong emphasis on bass.  I want the headphones to perform admirably on all ranges of bass (low/sub, mid-range, and high).  Here is the problem, though.  I would prefer the headphones to be excellent in all other departments.  I want crisp and pronounced highs and mids as well.  I know these aspects cannot be perfect, due to the fact that I want heavily pushed bass.  I'm just looking for the other sounds to be as good as they can be, relative to "basshead" headphones.  I would hate to grab a pair of headphones, and then have a problem with using them for extended periods of time because the music just doesn't sound good.  Don't let this throw you off though, I am looking for STRONG, THUMPING, POWERFUL, and CLEAR basshead phones.


So far my list has been narrowed to Audio-Technica ATH-PRO700 MK2, Sony MDR XB1000, and Sony MDR XB700.


Please provide some more suggestions, or give me a clear winner in my situation.



From the research that I've done, I have come to the following conclusions. Please correct me if I'm wrong. The Sony XB700's deliver the "most bass", however they do not excel in any other department. The Sony XB1000's are a much more comprehensive set of headphones. They provide very strong bass, but in a more "audiophile" experience. The Audio-Technica's apparently provide one of the most powerful bass experiences out there, but sometimes I don't hear too much about it. Some threads say it is the strongest on the market, while other threads don't even mention it. I have a pair of Audio Technica ATH-50's, and that is my first experience with higher-quality headphones. I absolutely love them, but I'm looking for a pair specifically for bass. But still I've got to have decent audio quality.


Which one of these headphones is the best (for what I'm looking for)? Any other suggestions?


I have one more inquiry.  I am looking for a great all-around set of headphones.  This pair I would prefer to be balanced, and not boost any certain frequency or aspect of the audio.  Closer to a pair of monitoring headphones, but more spectacular and advanced than my current Audio Technica ATH-M50s. I was thinking Sennheiser HD-598's.  Any other suggestions?


Fire away, and thank you!  This thread is primarily for the basshead phones, but if you've got input for my secondary question, please don't hold back.

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I am very interested in the feedback as well.

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With the PRO700mk2 you will need a bass boost amp to get the extreme bass talked about in most reviews. 

As for the Sonys, I've never tried them but from the reviews I've seen the XB1000 should give you the bass and sounds you want.


I suggest you look into the M-Audio Q40 and since you're willing to spend $300 on the XB1000 you should also take a look at the V-Moda M-100.

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youd be remiss not to try the DT770 in any ohm (to suit your amp). Sounds like they would be perfect for you in every way.


I personally love them, i even use them on my home rig where i produce hip hop/trip hop and electronica.


Since i have gotten into the DT770's i havent touched any of my other cans.

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The DT770's sound promising, considering they pack 250 ohms.


Also, a side note:  I am DEFINITELY going to be using my headphones with an amplifier.  I will boost the bass more with my amp as well, to truly get out the bass I'm looking for.  For my every day listening, I would use Sennheiser HD598's with a fiio e17 amp.


The V-Moda M-100 is a bit expensive.  I would not object to spending $300 if it is worth it, but these headphones are going to be used entirely for bass.  It's so tough finding a balance, especially when I want the highs and mids to be high quality as well.


I wish there was a clear cut answer.  To redefine: I want a super heavy, clear and powerful basshead set of headphones... but with the other ranges of audio being "decent".  I will be using an amp to truly get the bass I'm looking for.


Thanks for the responses, and keep em' up.  You guys are introducing me to new products, and I like looking at all my options.

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You could get the dt 770 32 ohm. They are easily ran by portable devises. I own the 80 ohm version (which I love) and they can be ran by a portable devise but they definitely sound better when amped.
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I have no experience with the other headphones you mention, but I am very pleased with the XB1000.
At first they sounded "closed" and I was a tad disappointed with the lack of punch, but they are opening up as they are burned in.
After 20 hrs they sound 10x better than they did on the laptop. The SGSIII still sounds better than the laptop though.. This might also be due to the fact that it's an ultrabook, so maybe it has a weak power circuit for driving headphones.

That beeing said, I live the xb1000.. I have no reference with the others though, but I would gladly buy them again :)
They work veyr well with eletronica, trance, rock, hiphop, etc. but also the casual pop or mainstream. I think they also work ok with vocals, but I would not recommend them for classical music ;)

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Some suggestions:


Denon D2000 (used/discontinued; just try and find one used)

Ultrasone PRO 900 or HFI 580

Mr Speaker Mad Dog (or other T50RP modded and dampened towards bass); further modded

AudioTechnica A900X

Beyer Custom One Pro or DT770 PRO


Pair with Fiio E11 or JDS Labs CMOY (the CMOY comes with the option for a very pronounced bass boost option), or even the Digizoid Zo. All three have bass enhancement options, and are capable amplifiers to boot.


Very best,

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If all you care about is bass then go for the XB-1000's. With an amp and some EQ-ing they will literally shake your skull, not even kidding. Another huge + is the comfort, only con i can think of is that they look ridiculous because of the fact that they pack the world's largest drivers (70mm) O.o

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As an owner of the pro700mk2, m50's and having listened to the pro900 and srh940 and now the Skull candy Mix Master Mike's and also a digizoid...... the Mix Master Mike's combine the treble of the m50's and the bass of the pro700mk2's, but the bass is much punchier. I was super hesistant to get the skullcandy's just because of the flack they get on here, but for the price I got them for, I figured what the heck If i dont like them, I'll sell them to my little bro. But now they are staying. I used them this weekend for a christmas party I Dj'd  and was impressed. Do i think the MMM are worth $300...NO!! But around the $200 range or less, YES! Any who good luck on your journey!

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The Sony's can be fun but they lack in every area outside of the bass.

HIFI 580 or 780 for under $150 you won't find better value top to bottom plus you can push them to your ears breaking point and you'll pop before they do...

The Pro 900's are probably the best and deepest you'll come across and are super fun cans but also the most expensive on your list.

Denon's are also bassy but I wouldn't call them bass head cans. Bass focused yes, bass-head not so sure. I own the D5000's and bass, oh yah they have that a lot more but the bass is still very smooth and doesn't push anything else outta the way or bleed into other areas which is awesome but you're pocketbook is gonna pay for it.

D2000's have always been a fan favorite and worth every penny and depending on your budget may be your best choice for complete package of sound and comfort.

For pure bass the M-Audio Q40's can pretty much out THUMP any other can on this list. Biggest draw back is the comfort. These things have the clamp force of God!! Adding new pads and stretching them over some books or a speaker is a must!! MalveauX has a great post about them that you should check out!!

If you want a great balanced pair AKG has several different models that will suit you along with the 598 that you mentioned. Or my personal option would be the DT880's from Beyer. Def a fan favorite on this site.

Good luck
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klipsch image one is all about bass, srh750dj also.my dt770s do not have large amouns of bass. q40 is not bad, but my denon d1100 still delivers more bass. 

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The XB700 rock my head daily. I use them from an Samsung Galaxy S3 and the amounts of bass they produce is tremendous. The phone is not running stock software, I have some tweaks installed to fully let loose the audio capabilities. The bass on the 700 makes a big impact, it's clear and well defined. At Very high volume levels I can almost swear my jaw is rattling. They're the most fun pair of headphones I 've owned until now. 


I had a choice to go for the XB1000 but the reviews changed my mind. Some say they sound very strange. The ginormous pads make the distance between the ear and the driver to be too much. A lot of quality is lost because of this, particularly in the high end. The bass is not as satisfying as on the 700s. I haven't listened to the 1000 so this is just what I got after checking a few reviews.

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Thanks for all the responses everyone!


I now own a pair of HifiMan HE-400's, but I'm still searching for the perfect bass-heavy cans.  I'm researching everything that you all are suggesting, and have managed to listen to a few of them in person.  More suggestions are always welcome!

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