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Good price, should I buy?

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Hello! So yesterday I bought my first pair of serious headphones, as I'm doing a lot of production and mixing now so I felt I needed to make a step up, with the ATH M50S LE.  However, this morning I found an offer online for $62 Beats Solo, and am considering getting them in addition to the M50s. I would get them as my main listening pair, and I would lug them in my backpack, as my current and only pair of headphones are JVC Xtreme Xplosives in ears with one ear cushion missing. I know that Beats really aren't that great, but do you think they are worth $62 dollars as listening pair for hip hop?

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I would get a fiio e11 or some sort of portable amp instead of beats. I honestly don't think that they are even worth 60 dollars. I think the koss dj pro 100 is better and they are running at like 50 dollars.
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I agree, I've seen used Fiio E17 amps going for $90-110. The E17's Amp and DAC would be a better upgrade for your mixing work : )

I've spent some time with the Beats Solos—they came with a HTC phone that one of my family members bought—and I ended up selling them on ebay 3 days later. Avoid the Solos at all costs unless they were given to you.

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not even worth 60 dollars.


if anything, buy to sell for more on ebay or craigslist or something.

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Put that 62bucks into your "UPGRADE" kitty.  STAY FOCUSSSSSED  ph34r.gif

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