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Originally Posted by blse59 View Post

I'm going to go out on a limb and say that if the amp and dac has a flat or reasonably flat frequency response, then most people would not be able to tell the difference between them. Tomshardware put up an article where they compared an onboard soundchip ($2), soundcard, dedicated amp/dac, and high end amp/dac ($1000+) and concluded that they could not be reliably distinguished from each other.


So in choosing between the O2/ODAC and Magni/Modi, decide based upon variables other than sound quality since I haven't seen anyone contradict the statement that they're transparent.


Personally, I'm struggling with whether I should spring for any of those stacks in the first place. I have a FiiO E10K amp/dac which cost only $75 and seems perfectly fine driving my HD600's. I can't get anyone to conclusively say that either stack would give me better sound quality.


Not sure if this will help.

As I am waiting on a Stax KGST to be finished,I went ahead and bought a used 02-ODAC,I,ve been using it  for my HD600,and IMO,it is excellent,very neutral ,realistic pairing,

One other option ,which I got today,was the MODI/Vali combo,and it is outstanding ,simply outstanding,especially with the Beyerdynamic DT880/600ohm headphones,bass goes down extremely low,but with nice detail.


You might want to try the Vali,it gives out somewhat of a warm tube SQ,smooth


Good Luck in your decision,


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Originally Posted by cel4145 View Post

But you are right. If it's already transparent, you can't make it more transparent with additional parts smily_headphones1.gif


Actually, you can.


An amplifier with balanced outputs uses a lot more parts, as it basically uses two amplifiers per channel. Or the ring DAC configuration is another example. Sometimes the extra parts help to reduce distortion and noise.


If by "transparent" you mean literally 100% analogous to the input, then you would be right, but no amplifier has ever achieved that.

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Originally Posted by jseaber View Post


One thing bothers me about the OP's [awesome] review: the O2 and Standalone ODAC are not meant to be stacked, as they're a cabling disaster this way. The real O2+ODAC combo has a far more orderly appearance since it's assembled in a single box. I've only skimmed through these 18 pages--hope this hasn't already been pointed this out.




I have been waiting for someone to point this out. I like the looks of the Schiit gear, but the fact that I would need two cases (and power supplies) instead of one is a major drawback for me as I would be relocating the system several times a day, plus it's just more elegant to have one box.


Does Schiit have any plans to put both products in the one case? That would be a winner.

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Originally Posted by tdockweiler View Post


EQ is too painful. Don't make me do it..



High quality digital parametric EQ is probably the single best thing most people could do for their system. There are zero audible artefacts, so no downside, but you can make almost any gear measure ruler flat (or fit whatever curve you prefer). This is completely flexible and adjustable and allows you to stop worrying about mating a 'bright' amplifier with 'bright' phones. I have no idea why anyone would be against this,

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TBH, I'm ordering the Magni 2 because I can do Schiit like this:


Hey, I want that Schiit.

Did you just take a Schiit?  It ******* smells.

Do you think I give a Schiit?

It's gonna be a Schiitstorm.

Well, Schiit...


Seriously, my HD600s are looking forward to getting plugged into this Schiit.

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And I would buy almost anything else for precisely the same reason.
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nice i was looking at the odac 2 stack setup to drive my AKG K7xx my first open backed headphones and i heard that the 7 series takes a bit more to drive and im guessing the K7xx with its 3db bass boost requires "a bit more" than the other k7---series variants. Either way im glad i saw this it solidified my decision to go with a schiit stack, is there any specific differentiation between the 1.0 models and the recently updated 2.0 models other than the choice for additional I/O at an additional cost? I cant wait for my AKG K7xx to arrive so i can see what open backed sound stage and real sound stage really is. I think this is a slippery slope i am heading down. I think i might just pick up some K240s for the hell of it if this stack can run them since they are so highly regarded when driven correctly.

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