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Originally Posted by Jason Stoddard View Post


Hey all,


Man, it's getting heated in here. Can we be friends? Or am I the devil incarnate, here to lasso your wallet out of your unsuspecting pockets and reduce you to slavering devotees chanting, "schiit, schiit, schiit, more schiit" for the rest of your lives, eagerly forgoing meals and housing so you can simply purchase that next, shiny product?


No wait, that's Apple. 


Kidding, of course. I own a ton of Apple products, and I can't wait until their new UberRetina $3K laptop is out...no, wait, I also have a Galaxy Nexus. And PCs. Ah, well. Guess that reality distortion field only goes so far.


But I did want to address a couple of things here.


First, the statements "overall feedback is bad," "class A results in superb performance" and "fully discrete designs are better." We never said any of those things. Ever. Those are value judgements. We have said, "we use no overall feedback designs when we can, we prefer fully discrete topologies, and we do Class A amplifiers," before, but those are not value judgements--those are statements of what we do. If other companies have a different approach to sonic nirvana, then that's totally cool. But, bottom line, we don't build ourselves up by cutting others down. It's part of our principles. www.schiit.com/about/principles


Second, I understand that many of you don't like our approach of blending instrumented testing with listening tests, considering that we're, well, a little touched in the head. Or delusional. Or somehow trying to trick you. Or your friends. Or whatever. That's cool, too. I used to be exactly the same. I bought amps on the spec sheet. Then, when I started working at Sumo, I had some experiences that really shook my faith in the measurements. Now, that's not to say the differences in amps and other components are as big as some people make them out to be. That's why we always tell people to put their money in transducers first, then amps and such if they need them later. So, just nod at us old nutters and check out some other great products if our approach doesn't work for you. 


Third, high gain on the Magni. Yep. It's not going to be for everyone, and maybe it does reflect our love of planar headphones. We'll temper our language regarding "great for everything including IEMs." Though it is quiet enough for IEMs, I understand that the gain might be problematic if you don't want to use software volume control. That said, Modi is a real 24-bit USB receiver and DAC, so you can definitely run 24 bits in.


Fourth, I notice here that someone had a bum Magni. Sorry about that! If you'd wanted another Magni, we would have offered a return/exchange, where we issue a call tag and send a new product as soon as the return is shipped back to us. One thing most people seem to agree on is that our customer service is very good.


Fifth, heck, I forgot what I was talking about. Excuse this novel. I'll return you to your regularly scheduled thread...


All the best,


Could you elaborate on how your faith in measurements shook?

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Ok so I'm stuck between the o2/odac and magni/modi. I'm running iTunes and Vox, AAC and FLAC files I'm trying to understand what this high gain problem is or could be. Does it mean it will give me feedback? Also am using Grado sr80i 32ohm.
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If you get the O2 and plan on using it on the desktop with a 2V source (such as the ODAC) I would adjust the gains to the following:

3.5x as high

1x as low

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Modi +1 

Magni a bit too bright for my taste

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Seems like most people think the o2/odac is the better choice. But the modi/magni looks so good. 😩
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I think its the better choice but I dont think you will really hear any real world differences between the two....one may be a bit less quiet with more sensitive cans but when your listening to louder levels etc it doesnt really matter.


I have owned the Schiit ASGARD and Lyr..both built well and worked well.....


I have 2 odacs and o2 amps which work well.


My preference is the o2 based on the design and the results.



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Will it make a huge or subtle difference upgrading from a Fiio E17?
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What is your question?


Upgrading from a E17 to a Schiit Modi.Magni? or to a o2 amp and ODAC?



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Originally Posted by RustA View Post


As far as I know from impressions, I would go for ODAC w/ RCA outputs over Modi... And maybe Magni along if you don't mind very high gain that can possibly cause problems (remember that ODAC is already outputting 2vrms).


O2 has VERY good soundstage and very clear bass... That said, Magni could maybe give you a more excitement since it appears to be a bit less neutral.


Well, to put it clear, I would choose this:

1) Desktop O2/ODAC combo (or separate) w/ RCA outputs, 1/4 headphone out and 1x + 2.5x gain configuration (possible to order from Mayflower electronics)

2) ODAC + Magni OR ODAC + ordinary O2 (up to you)

3) Modi + Magni


Why do some people prefer the ODAC with RCA outputs? To connect the ODAC to a (high-end) amp or receiver?

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My guess is because RCA is pretty much standard for consumer/home audio.

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Originally Posted by xnor View Post

My guess is because RCA is pretty much standard for consumer/home audio.

That's what I'm trying to find out (without any deadhorse.gifgeuessing). Ha, ha, ...

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Oh sorry. Either one. I'm using a fiio e17 with a pair of Sony mdr v6 and grado sr80. I'm thinking of upgrading to modi/magni or o2/odac. Would either one of those 2 setups make a huge noticeable difference or is the quality of fiio e17 pretty close? Sorry just that e17 is my first and only amp/dac. Was also looking at Aune T1 which uses a tube.
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Most people in the headfi community are orientated towards headphones..taking source material from a pc usb to the dac and then to a small portable amp etc...


Many folks with a 2 ch audio setup have started to use PC's for there digitized music library and connect the PC to the dac then use RCA outs on the dac to there pre-amp...etc


So RCA is the common thread here.



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as one of the earliest to get the stack, and since this stack is to my opinion the ultimate manifestation of the Schiit Spirit, O2 Odac can turn, around, and keep, walking, in the world of sub 500 system, M&M  RULES

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Have to disagree with how they both sound too similar. To me the Magni sounds like a slightly brighter/thinner version of the O2. Less smooth. The Magni sounds cold/thin, but the O2 doesn't. I'm 1000% positive this wasn't caused by the Modi.


Instead of the Schiit Stack I would suggest the Modi+O2. Weird, I know.


Had the ODAC and felt like the Modi was a bit better in one small area and I could barely tell much difference at all. The difference between the Magni and O2 is much greater. Yeah I know they have very similar measurements.


I honestly can't suggest the Magni with brighter headphones (DT-990/K702/Grado SR-325 etc), but the O2 should be fine. I'm using the O2 with the Q701 and it's perfectly OK.


Best advice is to try both sets if you can normal_smile%20.gif I'm glad i've now gotten a chance to do that. Probably all just depends on preference. I'm sure they sound 100% identical with some headphones.


Loving the O2, but the Modi is my favorite DAC. I prefer it to the HRT MSII, E17 and ODAC. Tempted to upgrade to the Bifrost sometime.


If I had just the HD-650 or a warm sounding headphone, the Magni is fine. I just prefer something that sounds great with everything equally.


Hate to say it but I liked the Magni even less than the E9. I didn't hate the Magni, but I only kept it for a few months.

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