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Alright, I was going to pull the trigger on the Magni, buuuuuut with all of the talk on the bass being better on the O2, I've had second thoughts. So I have to ask, is the bass on the Magni less than satisfactory (in the opinion of whoever wants to respond), or is it just worse by comparison? (and in that event, is the O2 worth the extra $50 for desirable bass?)

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There won't be any appreciable difference in bass levels or extension if that's what you're wondering.

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I'm looking into the Magni/Modi but I'm using the Sony MDR Z1000s which are known to have slightly anemic bass. Personally I find them okay, but I'm worried that Magni/Modi will exacerbate the problem and make it more noticeable. Thoughts?
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I am using the shure 1840 which also had light bass and the M/M combo doesn't do anything that alters what I hear when I first heard the bass response...NOTHING. As for the reviews on the differences, if the magni/modified is your first amp/dac, then you really shouldn't take the said differences as night and day differences since the they are already proven to be in the same quality as O2/Odac. They are just minor differences
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I have (2) O2's and ODACS...that said I wouldnt hesitate to try the Schiit stuff....they really look like a nice stack to have and play with....the O2 and ODAC may be better, more transparent etc but I would guess that most of us would be hard pressed to really tell the difference.



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Thanks TMRaven. You're made this a great thread :)

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Originally Posted by wes008 View Post

... is the bass on the Magni less than satisfactory ...?
The Magni has tons of power, a flat FR and an output impedance less than 0.01 ... Unless there's something I am missing, the Magni's bass should be as good as any other properly designed amp?
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I've heard that there's a significant hiss when using the Magni+Modi and the HE-400's, potentially because the headphones are low impedance, the amp is relatively powerful, and there's no gain options. Has anyone using the schiit stack with the HE-400 (or other low impedance headphones) experienced this?


As far as I know, nobody's ever complained about hiss coming from the o2/odac.

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There's zero hiss issues.  I frequent the HE-400 topics.  The only hiss related post I came across was a guy possibly complaining about the he-400 and the magni/modi bringing out tape hiss too much in certain recordings.  That's not the same as having a hiss because of an amp.

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There are a buch more specs other that output impedance...although this is an important one for sure.



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The biggest problem seems to be the fixed 5x gain with the magni.


The modi outputs 1.5V * 5 = 7.5V, yet most ~30 ohm headphones only need below 0.01V to below 0.1V for 85 dB SPL. That's already loud with the volume control turned down to -58 to -38 dB.

But most pots already have channel balance problems at -40 dB... and things don't get better if you use a proper 2Vrms source.


A guy in the magni thread posted he's usually listening with the volume control at 8 o'clock! But with the right gain the usable volume control range should be 9 to 2 o'clock.

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It's definitely not an amp for sensitive headphones.  With the HE-400, I average around 9 o'clock.  With high dynamic recordings I can get up to around 11 o'clock.  With reducitve EQ and high dynamic range recordings I can get up to around 1-2 o'clock.  That's enough play for me. 


Admittedly there's a little more channel imbalance at the lowest of volume pot positions on the Magni compared to the O2, so I guess if people were wanting to power sensitive headphones and listen at lower levels, the O2 might be a better choice.

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Thank you for this review!

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I would definitely recommend the O2 for sensitive cans...for sure.....and its "hiss-proof" as well.....


The ability to change the gain with the O2 also is a good idea....



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Seems like the Magni has some pretty obvious design issues then.


I think the sound quality checks out, from others descriptions but otherwise, Magni=fail. The gain issues and volume pot should be adjusted. I don't "get" a 5X gain anyway. For the power it puts out, I would think it could get by well on no gain - 2X, like the O2.

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