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Hi to all.
I currently have a pair of AKG K450 headphones and I've been very happy with the overall quality. I listen to dance and house music and I love the bass these headphones produce, but also like how they maintain a good level of detail on vocals and trebles .etc....

With the above in mind, my question is as follows:

I want to upgrade these headphones to something better that will give me an even better all round sound quality, better and deeper bass and better trebles and vocals.
I listened to a pair of K550's straight from my iPhone 4 and was disappointed as they sounded flat, with little bass. Would that be because I didn't have an amp in between and was going directly from the iPhone?
I've also heard that the K550's in fact won't give a very deep bass at all?
I do like the AKG brand and would happily invest in another pair from AKG too.
I am however open to any suggestions, I'm just looking for ideas and also whether you think I may need to use a headphone amp as opposed to directly from the iPhone to improve on what I already own.

Many thanks in advance.