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Stereo Speaker Comparison

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Could you please tell me which speakers sound better from these two above ...

1) Q Acoustics Q2020i

2) Usher S-520

... for making the fairest choice of sound quality .

Personally i only listened the QAs in Showroom, which attracted me by their design and also the awards received . Though, the audiophiles on a forum from my country confused me, choosing avowedly for the USHERs .

What do you say ? I need your competent opinion .

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Two reviews from the same place






I heard the Q Acoustics and chose to go with these instead :




They're marvelous.

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I have the Q Acoustic Q2020i very good speakers. I use them in my 5.1 setup, but for music I would highly recommend Wharfedale 9.1. I've had them for 5+ years and nothing comes close for the price. 

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Thank you all, but adding Dali Zensor 1, Monitor Audio BR2, Monitor Audio BX2, Wharfedale Diamond 9.1, and keeping Q Acoustics 2020i in list, what do you think : which of the mentioned speakers are better on my current sistem, which consists of : Netbook Hercules with Lossless recordings played with Foobar2k, Luxman LV-101 Integrated-Amplifier, Canton Karat 200 speakers ? Which of these speakers will still sound good after a possible entry-level upgrade ? I ask you this because tomorrow I must make a decision in this sense and order a pair of speakers better than the current Canton - at a budget of maximum 300 !!!



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