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Last week I bought XB1000, before i bought XB700 and RADIUS ATOMIC BASS 2 EAR-IN, too. I 've tested all of them with same tracks. My thoughts; differences 're starting at strong bass; Radius 's output not enough strong bass same=somethings bump to tin. At XB700=bass filled to ear and its good but sometimes deep bass stop to treble and sound is mixed, but at XB1000 hasnt this problem.So you can hear to treble+vocal and other sound with strong bass so never mix. And at XB1000 strong bass more filled to ear than XB700. XB1000 pads 're totaly comfortable for ear. It's closing to ear fully. At strong bass XB700 start to vibrating before than XB1000 and sometimes i dont like this. For carry (ofcourse) only Radius is suitable. At low level sound Radius really good. Musics 're very clearly. But i've Skullcandy ear in,too and Skullcandy 's sound more sharp than Radius. If you like bass and need portability Radius very cheap for this bass performance.


Price is not important and for bass lover= XB1000 than XB700

Very clearly sound, cheap and good performance (without bass)=SKULLCANDY INK'D

Clearly sound, cheap and good bass performance (for this price)=RADIUS ATOMIC BASS 2


* FiiO E11 is enough and suitable for all of this head/ear phones.

* I 'm too much happy with SANSA. Before time i try Samsung Note 2 and Creative ZEN and etc.. SANSA is really better than all of others.


And i 've 1 question to master of Head-Fi; Can you recommend to me some good tracks for my set ? I 'm Bass Lover :)


Thanks for reading my topic and sorry for my English.


Greetings to all.

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