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Closed Headphones around $150

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I'm looking for a good set of closed headphones. I've been recommended many different Headphones, so I was hoping someone could point me in the right direction. I mainly listen to hip-hop, so something with heavier bass would be Ideal.

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Ultrasone HFI-580.

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Originally Posted by Mheat122134 View Post

Ultrasone HFI-580.

I'm wearing these right now and I can vouch for them. Awesome bass. Might want to check out the next model up if you want better treble. 

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I actually just picked up the skull candy mix master mikes for $150 from their website. I would say they sound just as good as my audio technica m50. Just as much bass as my pro700mk2 but the highs of the m50. I am really impressed by them, I do think they are worth it at $150 but not at $300.
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 I had read a couple reviews here at headfi, and it sparked my interest, so I decided to pick these up the SCMMM for $150 aswell. Ive always been a big fan of underdogs and this usually leads me to being disappointed. However with these i was surprised. My first impression was "I cant believe Skull Candy made these". Ive always tried and laughed at their previous headphones. These are punchy, bassy, tight,  the highs arent shrilling or tin sounding like i get with some Ultrasones, and the highs arent drowned out like beats and other celeb "bassy" headphones.  In short this hits everything I look for in headphones. I applaud skull candy and hope they will keep going down the route they started with the aviators and MMM. 

Im not someone who writes reviews, as you can see, but these headphones impressed me so much I made an account. I have been a long time lurker of Headfi. If you can find these for under $200, get them and be surprised. I know its tough to spend a chunk of change on a company known for looks over quality sound...but youll be surprised with these. 

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