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Currently I’m researching what would be the best amp for my particular use.
I am looking for an amp with a good deal of power but yet small enough that

its circuitry could be fit into a modestly large pair of headphones. Now this

amp could either be a DIY or it could be a branded amp that could be

disassembled and refitted into the pair of headphones.

The amp also has to be relatively powerful, capable fully powering for instance

a pair of headphones like the DT 770 80s (My Cmoy amp does not seem to

supply enough power during low end intensive music so it will need to be

more efficient and ideally less bulky than a Cmoy).

Finally because the amp will be permanently installed (Though I might include

some sort of relay circuit to temporarily bypass the amp) hiss during periods
of low volume should be as minimal as possible.