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AKG K518 LE Low volume ?

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I just purchased an AKG K518 headphone. I like it so far but I have a little concern about the volume. It is quite low compared to my Sony XB500 and Klipsch S4 with of course the same volume setting on my Sansa Clip Plus (with Rockbox). triportsad.gif


It's loud  at about -15/-5db but still supportable compared to the other phones. I'd say I have to set volume to about +20db when switching to the AKG.


Can it be because of the type (supra-aural) ? My Sennheiser HD220 has pretty much the same low volume output. Maybe it's normal, I just want to be sure my headphones don't have a defect.


Sorry if I mixed up the technical terms, I'm new to this redface.gif


Thanks for help !

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you need an amplifier. driving full size earphones with only sansa clip is like putting toyota prius engine in Ford Mustang :D



try something cheap like fiio e6 or e11.

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Thanks for the help !


The volume is already quite loud using the Clip alone but I like to have a small marging. I'll go for the Fiio E6, plus it seems to fit well with the Clip. I'll give a feedback soon.

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