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Need Headphones for Metal Music

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Hi, im looking for headphones i can use for my metal music. I was looking at the Grado SR225 and SR325is because this forum has been saying that Grado is best for metal music. But i think they are too valuable to bring it outside and to school. The headphones are open (i think, my knowledge of headphones is weak)  and people around you can hear your music, which is something i wont really like but i dont care. Another thing is if you use it with an ipod, they say that u wont hear the full goodness of the headphones because mp3 files are not as good. Im just looking for headphones that will be really good because im very tired of Apple earphones and just want to stay with headphones that i can use forever. Please can someone recommend me if Grado are the ones to get or other headphones that will be good with progressive metal, metalcore, hard rock and that will be good to use portablity (like school or outside). The budget im in is $300 but you can list headphones that are a little higher and i will look at them.

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I recommend the Grado SR 225i for metalcore, but maybe it have "a little" bass for hard rock and progressive metal.

It would be my opinian,will better if yougo to the shop and test it by yourself

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