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Headphone Diary

Poll Results: is the trend of more expensive headphones

Poll expired: Mar 8, 2013  
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    staying the same
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This is a diary of headphones I see when I'm out 'bout town. Look don't post, and if you want, keep a diary yourself. 

21st December 

On ear-

beats solos (white)

skullcandy lowrider (green)

sony mdr-zx 300 (red)

a sony zx range (I'm not sure which ones, they were black, I recognised the cables as zx either 100-600 but because I couldn't see the cups exterior I didn't know. I should have asked, sorry guys.)


in ears 

2x apple earbuds generation 5

3x unidentifiable apple earbuds (could see the cables but nothing else)

bose ie2 or ie 3 (couldn't get close enough to tell)

maxell colour cannalz pink 

light pink sony in ears

I'll update as soon as I can. Please post on much appreciated.

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sorry I haven't been adding more, haven't really been out much, come to think of it, I haven't been out at all. I won't add headphones for everyday, just days I see them. So sorry but I will get out soon (dunno when but will pot as soon as possible)

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26th Dec
On ear
Beats solo white (the black earpads and lack of lable told me it was fake)
in ear
Skullcandy jibs green
Will update later today
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On 27th
Either ma330 or hs-ma730i by creative aurvana
On 29th either real or fake beats studio purple didn't see enough to tell, but the cable looked a bit dodgy
Headphones that looked like panasonic retro but had no fear all over them.
M&M blue earphones (either that or smarties)
Happy new year
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3rd of January

in ear

bose ie2

apple earbuds generation 4 and below x4

one ear

mix style headphones hmv, star blue and white

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5th of January

Jvc xxplosives on ear

apple earbuds x4

Beats solo black and red

various earphones 'what I got from x store' so irritating when they just say oh just some ones I  got ages ago

7th of January

earpods x2

apple earbuds x3


earpods x1

apple earbudsx2

monster beats pro


sennheiser hd202




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11th of Jan

earbuds x3

12th of Jan

on ear

jvc xxplosives

bose qc3

13th Jan

on ear

bose qc3 x2

beats solo hdx2 (one black one white)

in ear

apple ear buds x5

dr dre beats tour black.

14th Jan

in ear

samsung phone ear buds

apple earbuds x3

(same up til 16th of Jan with varying numbers of apple earbuds)

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in a months time I'll be taking a poll on weather the trend of higher price headphones are falling or rising (this is opinionated so please vote, and remember, I can only cover certain areas)

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Hello again. I am sorry I haven't been posting I just haven't had time so I'll be taking the poll and then taking the thread down after a month, sorry to disapoint all you guys and again please post on Thanks

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