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Well, my first pair of headphones (Denon D5000) have served me well, but, also being a computer enthusiast and just having built my new rig, I feel the need to do more upgrades! (My poor wallet..)

Anywho, my current setup is I have my D5K's plugged up into an AudioGD 15.1

The sound is great, and i'm quite a big bass lover, i'm not a passive listener, I LOVE getting into my music as much as possible, drumming on my desk, etc.

However, i've found that the bass in the D5K's is just too.. forced? I suppose this is what some people were talking about when they said the bass was "muddy"

So, i've turned my attention to the Audeze LCD-2 R1(or R2, i'd love clarification on what the differences, if any are)

Would that be a nice upgrade from D5Ks from what it sounds like i'm looking for?

Also, i'd be spending around $1,000 for a dac/amp (either combo or separate) setup.

I greatly appreciate anyone for any insight or help they can give me