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Originally Posted by boleh7 View Post

Yes , K0 amp ( flat version ) from Rhapsodio :-) Reasonable price and sound good. I heard a new model of K amp will out soon and if you are keen you can contact Charles to find out .

Yes, they're pretty sweet amps for the price. I, myself, have a bass edition K0 too:)
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Originally Posted by Gintaras View Post

guys, beware!!! 


today i received a Customs Request instead of my H200 :-(


in which customs asks for the original invoice and money transfer confirmation :-(((


now i have two options:


a) go to Customs, which is far away and working hours so short and try to free my H200, do not know how much that will cost !!!

b) ask Customs to send H200 back to TPeos and claim back money :-(((


and what should i do???


i wonder why not possible send the package as PLAIN GIFT and not mess around with things they do not know for sure???????


my day started so baaaaaaaaaad and i have no time till next week to take care of the issue !!!!!!


freaking, this happens first time to me, never ever before.


What country do you live in? I don't want to sound like a jerk, but why are you surprised? 


You're receiving an international package and it'll have to pass through customs. T-PEOS, and really any company, is by no means obliged to send the package in a manner that evades your country's customs regulations even if you asked them to. In fact, it is immoral (and probably illegal) for them to mark the package as less than its actual value (even though of course, people do this anyway). However, they're a legitimate, large company. It's not like you bought something on eBay and so it gets marked as a gift with no stated customs value. They're just following the law and covering their bases, as they should be. 


Sorry about your situation, but this is 0% the fault of T-PEOS. What should you do about this? Go to your customs office with an invoice, pay your government the customs fees you owe them for importing a product from overseas, and enjoy your H-200. 


I really don't see what the big deal is. 

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You're in Austria? I often have this here in Germany. The one thing T-PEOS can do so that one at least gets it sent to one's door, though one still has to pay the fee, is to attach an invoice clearly on the outside. Whenever I've received a customs request like that, the explanation it gave was that there wasn't a visible invoice. Ordering from Amazon Japan via Tenso, on the other hand, I always got it delivered to my door and simply paid the delivery man the fee. There may be a solution though, Gintaras: phone the customs people and ask if you can send the necessary info by e-mail instead of coming in person, and they can forward it to you for payment at the door. I've done that twice now, it works here at least.

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yes, i am in Austria. i think i better come in person and sort it out than sending.

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What tips do you guys recomend for the h200?  I was thinking of getting comply tips, but im not sure what the right size is.

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They already come with foam tips.

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Comply 500 works great for me.


Just got mine today.  All issues I had with the H-100 have been fixed and they aren't even burned in yet.  Very happy with these.  The bass seems to be settling in as I listen/burn them in.


The clarity is still there, just with better, more "full" sound and a lusher quality to notes and presentation.  Nice work T-Peos!

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Update on my pair....




Don`t care about the charges, just want the freaking things. Don`t fret Gintaras mate, just pretend we paid full price ;-)

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Sinth, no worries we will handle it and if needed will send Rambo to free my little tpeos friends :-D

i plan short trip to customs tomorrow, lets see if diplomacy is enough :-D
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This is the price you have to pay if you want to hear something different that you cannot hear from your local high street.


lol Rambo, is that what you call H20?


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lol... H20 - Rambo? i hope he does not read us :-) ROFL
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So, after having to deal with my (un)friendly post office for about 30 minutes, someone finally went and dug my package up and I got my H-200 today!! ksc75smile.gif


First thing first: one of most impressive packages I've ever seen earphones come in. And the box is heavy! It's not wood, but a beautiful box nonetheless that screams quality and that there is something special within the box. 


The earphones are beautiful to the eye with a nice feel to the cord and IEMs themselves. I only got about five minutes listening time with the stock tips already on the IEMs, but I'm quite impressed with the sound. Basically what Flysweep and others have stated is point on. A neutral sounding IEM, but that doesn't mean bass (sub-bass) impact is not there. It is. Plus I'm a believer of burn-in, so that should open up the dynamic bass driver after some hours of burn-in. Notes have a nice weight to them. The GRO7 (original) sounds a bit thin and 2-D to me in comparison. That's it for now, but out of the box I'm quite impressed. I will take it in some more on my way home (happen to have my CKS1000 - my favorite universal at the moment, so I'm interested in how these two stack up against each other). 


More impressions to come.

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Oh! Nice Eric! Glad you have them matey :-)

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Originally Posted by Sinth View Post

Oh! Nice Eric! Glad you have them matey :-)



beerchug.gif .. Have you picked yours up Sinth?


Like I stated, I have to fight with my post office today. I wasn't happy until the package was in my hands.

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