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IEM suggestions... Help

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I'm new to this forum but have been reading quite a bit about IEMs for the last few weeks. I have a few in mind, and have pulled the trigger on one set, but want to learn some more and get another set in the very near future. I've based my decision largely on this site, and in large part to lJokerl's reviews (WOW, great job!) I am looking for suggestions for IEMs based on the following criteria:

I'd like to keep the price < $200.00 (but would entertain a higher price point for exceptional value)
I like a high bang for the buck, but who doesn't?

I have a wide variety of musical tastes, here are a few mains:
1. Guitar centric, or instrumental stuff: Joe Satriani, Andy Timmons, Eric Johnson, Joe Bonamassa, John Mayer etc. I like bass but not heavy bass.
2. Rock and blues, Classic and 80's rock: Van Halen, Led Zepelin, Dokken, RUSH... (This list would be way too long)
3. 80s music: billy idol, police, U2, Duran Duran...
4. Strong vocals: Josh Groban, Sarah Brightman...
5. Classical: acoustic guitars, stringed quartets, symphonies...
6. I like rap and trance but don't listen to it very often anymore.
7. I've started to really like country music.

I'm looking for a great all around iem that is definitely not too bass heavy.
Here are a few of the sets I've been considering:
Rockit RE-50 (have these on order)
Vsonic gr07
Etymotic um2 & um3x, HF5

Are there any suggestions?
I'll primarily be using an iPhone, iPod. I also use them for snowboarding, mountain biking, and working out etc.
Looking for good, sturdy, and comfortable with phenomenal sound, and good isolation.
Also how important is getting an amplifier, and which do you suggest with apple products.

I hope I was able to somewhat describe what I'm looking for, harder than I thought.
Thanks in advance, you input is greatly appreciated.
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Shure SE425
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The GR07, GR01, RE272 are great IEMs for the price and GR07 offers balanced soundquality with good punchy bass which is important if you are using outdoor because bass drown most on any IEMs if using in noisy areas. The Etymotic HF5, ER4P/S offers exceptional clarity to focus on guitars with higher isolation than most IEMs but bass is not main focus so you will get most balance neutral little cold soundquality from Etymotic IEMs and adding AMps will improve them further in bass region and i will recommend the JDS Labs C421 and i find it noticably better than Fiio AMPs, BTW don't forget to buy Pure Cryo or Cryo X Silver cable for better bass response.

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Thank you for the help. After reading countless threads, all of your recommendations are right on track which is encouraging. It can get overwhelming when the OCD to achieve the ultimate sound goes beyond obsession (just as in my eternal tone quest for guitar amps/guitars/pedals etc. or whatever it may be).

GR07 then GR01 and UM3x on the "GAS" list -- Gear Aquisition Syndrome

Anyway, Thank you. Here's what I did with $200 in case you're interested and have any feedback.

Rockit R-50... Love them, at first it seemed too light on bass to be my perfect iem. After a few hours: I love them. Guitars shine through. Krystal!

Hifiman RE0... Man these are great too. Quick, comfy sound great, plenty of bass for me. I hope they stand up build-wise. I think they have more bass than the R50 but I haven't A/b them yet.

I ordered some Vsonic GR06 too. That should give me a decent array of sound signatures, keep me happy, and allow the ears to figure out what direction to go, in achieving "the ultimate" IEMs.

That's what I did with the $200 bucks. Happy new year!
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