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Shure se425 vs Aurisonics Asg1.2

Poll Results: Shure se425 vs Aurisonics Asg1.2

  • 25% (3)
    Shure se425
  • 75% (9)
    Aurisonics Asg1.2
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Hey guys, was just wondering if anyone could compare the two since I've read that they're both pretty mid centric IEMs and one uses balanced armatures and the other a massive dynamic driver. Also with fit, I do have the Shure se215s and they fit fine so if anyone could compare the two IEMs upon size that would be great too.


I was pretty close to getting the Shures but then stumbled across the Aurisonics and all the history behind their Asg1 model.

I listen to blues like Joe Bonamassa, Clapton, SRV, Hendrix, some John Mayer and rock like AC/DC, Rage against the machine, Guns n roses, weezer, RHCP, Nirvana, Foo Fighters, etc. I was just wondering which would be better for me too.



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Don't need to compare at all Shure is famous for their Bass Mid And Sound Stage If this Is what u are looking go ahead with shure and don't bother with others brand smily_headphones1.gif
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Yup, Shure is all about mids. 

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+1 on the SE425s.
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+1 for Shure
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I've had the ASG-1.2 for a little over half a year and am still impressed with the mids it produces. The only thing I'd say is lacking are the highs, which are a little recessed.

That being said, I haven't tried the Shures, so I don't know the quality of their sound. I do know that the SE425 is pretty polarizing, and people have recommended the SE530 over the SE425 (the older model being much harder to find).
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I've heard the SE535 and SE530, the latter I had for a week. I honestly thought their mids were nothing to talk about.


The ASG-1's mids will give you goosebumps, and the bass is simply the best I've ever heard. As for the treble, I'm sure the treble booster preset on your player will clear up any issues.

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I wouldn't call the ASG-1.2 a mid-centric model (The 1.0/1.1 were though).  It's definitely bass-focused.  As for its midrange ability, I felt it lacking a bit in the upper-midrange.  Everything lower was great though.  For your musical tastes, the ASG-1.2 should work though.  You can always wait for the ASG-2 as well.

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Both are good to me. I prefer the ASG 1.2 cause I love the powerful quality bass from these warm IEMs. My friend has the Shure before and I thought it was really clear and nice balanced sounding. Surprised you didn't mention the SE530 since you mention mid-centric, I heard that and thought it has beautiful mids, which is the general concensus, but low bass quantity.


You don't mention a budget...

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My bad, budget is up to 300 AUD. Anyone got anything on the fit of the Aurisonics?

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The fit is ok for me. After about 1 hour it hears my ears at the opening and just where the protruding part of the IEM has the coloured dot. Although it's bareable, and a rest takes care of the pain. I hear the ASG-2 is smaller. Although the price of that is over $400 now.

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I cant seem to find a thread, or any info n the asg-2. Anh help?
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Originally Posted by azel831 View Post

I cant seem to find a thread, or any info n the asg-2. Anh help?

It hasn't been released yet but should be very, very soon.  It's the universal version of their custom model which is the AS-2.  Keep an eye on the Sponsor or Aurisonics thread (or their website/facebook page) and you'll know everything as soon as we do. The price should be around $499 - last we heard. 


**Edit:  I had the 425's for a few days and wasn't a fan.  They were a little thin for my tastes and being a vocalist, I didn't hear the greatness that everyone else did.  It's been a while so I can't be more specific.  Since that time I've heard/had the Westone 4, PFE 232 and ASG 1.2 and all, for me, sounded infinitely better than the 425.  It's really hard to ask for recommendations because what I love - you might like or hate.  I'd honestly say if you have any chance to try them - do it. If you're a Shure fan, they might be just what you're looking for.  

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