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Need Help Finding Headphones

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So I've been wanting a nice pair of headphones for a while now. I avoided getting beats for a while and I'm glad I did after seeing all the reviews and all the other types of headphones. However, now I can't decide which ones to get because I want the best ones for the amount of money I'm willing to spend.Also I am new to the site so I may not understand all the terminology. I've been reading reviews for about three days now and can't decide. 


So I'll start with what I mainly listen to:

- country, alternative, some pop (mainstream), some hip hop on occasion, classical/instrumental 


What I would like:

- good clear crisp sound

- good solid bass, not overbearing but not nonexistent 

- comfortable: want to be able to wear for multiple hours

- no amp required: want to be able to just plug into my computer or ipod or phone and have good quality

- my budget is around $300 

- sound isolating

- close back

- portable: i dont need or want massive cans on my head

- good all around headphone for improved listening in all genres and bass when needed


Headphones I've been looking into: 

- Sennheiser HD 598

- ATH-M50s

- Sony MDR-R1

- V-moda m100

- V-moda LP2

- Ultrasone HFi 780 or 580 (cant decide)

- possibly a Beyerdynamic model 

- Sennheiser Momentum or Amperior

- any other suggestions are allowed 


Thanks for the help- I really need it

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I'd say the UE6000.  Plus, there is probably a bestbuy or apple store near you that may carry it so that you may try it out.

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Senn HD598 are not portables nor closed back


V-moda m100, or Beyerdynamics Custom Pro.

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I use my HD 598 at home as my daily headphones great buy, but not portable.
My daily driver from my wide selection of headphones are my ATH M50's I mean, They're compact, AMAZING sound highs mids bass,
closed back and portable!

I would go with the ath m50's a great buy and you can find them cheap, or even Logitech UE's are very well balanced headphones, a bit more pricey.

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Have a look at the DT1350, they seem to meet all of your requirements.
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