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Newbie looking for a high end headphone.

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These two headphones are going to be my first major high end headphones if I were to buy one of them, I currently have a Superlux HD688B (Modded).  Do you people think that the HE-400 price is right or get the less expensive HE-300.  Buying the HE-400 is going to put a dent in my wallet but I have a $40 rebate lying around and I can also use the Bing $5 Amazon Gift Card even though that's going to take a long time to just drop the price down and I hope Amazon doesn't run out of HE-400 if I were to buy one when I finally lower the price down.  I'm only 18 so money is going to play an important factor in this.  I plan on buying a DAC or some sort when I have more money and I'm still new to this stuff and I don't want to rush into things.


I mostly use my Superlux at home and play PC games and listen to Flac music on Foobar and also I have a Xonar DG sound card.  I've been looking into the Audio Technica ATH-AD900, AKG Q701, and the Beyerdynamic DT 990 & 800 Premium.


Express your opinion and if you got another recommendation for me then please tell me.


Also what I am looking for in a headphone

-Good soundstage

-Fun Headphones

-Has a decent amount of bass but not in your face, just enough to feel and tell its there

-$200 - $400

-Good for gaming and listening to music

-Open back design


Sorry if this kind of thread has been done a thousands time from many other people.  I'm just starting to take this headphone stuff serious since I use them more then before and I want whats best for me.  I've read that the Audio Technica ATH-AD900 is a improved AD700 but I'm wondering about the bass because my older brother has one and I tried it but I find it boring to listen to and the bottom tips of my ear touches the drivers, are there earpads for the AD900 or mods so my ears don't touch.  My second older brother has the Sennheiser HD598 + the FiiO e17 + the same sound card but I want something different then his setup. 


I appreciate your time for reading this long post and I hope I can get some insight on which headphone to choose.

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The he400 would be a great choice really. It's easy to amp and fits your preferences nicely. It's sound signature is just tough to beat at $400 period. The hd650 competes well against it though and you might consider it also. The 650 is harder to drive though so be forewarned. 


The he400 is moderately heavy, but I have no trouble wearing it and I'm pretty sensitive to weight. It is VERY open and anyone around you will hear everything. It's not a hp that you'll travel with at all. Home use only. Feel free to check out the reviews in my signature.




Merry Christmas....

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