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LG tones any good?

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So I saw they have a pretty nice rating on amazon at like 2000+ ratings and a little over 4 stars. For reference.

I am considering them for a few reasons, aside from being fairly cheap I am thinking perhaps they will hold up a little better than my standard headphones for working out.

As this is just a set of headphones for working out or possible around campus use, I hesitate to spend a lot of money. Given that if any set of headphones has a cord, they are bond to get wrapped up and put in pockets or tossed in a backpack. I'm thinking maybe these headphones would work a little bit better assuming they don't get destroyed by sweat.

Anyone have any idea if they are worth getting? Do they sound reasonably good for their price? Or should I be worried about using them daily in the gym?

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Looking for the same info.  I'm considering the "LG Tone + HBS-730" for the convenience of no wires and for working out.  I want decent sound quality, but I know that bluetooth can't compare to a good pair of wired headphones.

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I bought the LG tones 730 a couple of moths back


The Bluetooth range is shady, they do reach up to 30 feet without obstacles, but if your device is behind you the signal gets lost, it happens to me when i work out.

the ear pieces fall off easily when you doing push ups, or any bending over constantly.


the right earphone gave out and the repairing is fairly easy http://www.fixya.com/support/t20776935-left_earbud_no_sound with the right tools, but you would expect better quality


they also have seen to have lost the multi-point capacity over night (the ability to be connected with multiple devices)


it dont work great with windows but with all my other gadgets it works like a charm


over all i give it a 4 star

they are pretty good but need improvement

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