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A Portable AMP

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Hello ! thanks to some of you, yesterday i bought my pair of Sennheiser Momentum, and i just love them ! anyway, i would like to increase the volume, because with the MAX volume of my mac/iphone i still think i need more volume, so im thinking about  buying a portable AMP, first of all, i know NOTHING about AMPS, i didnt even knew that they were for headphones too but you guys are so full of knowledge and i would be so grated if you could recommend me a nice/not too expensive portable amp, also if theres any tutorial or FAQ about what does an AMP do or how to use it i would be very happy


the point here is that the amp has to be from Bestbuy.com or Amazon, if you could paste a link it would be great


Thanks in advance, and i just love this comunity :)



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This is one of the best bang/buck amps out there:


What is your music source? If possible, try to have a line-out to the amp for the best results. Good amps will do way more than just increase the volume, they can add crispness to highs, lushness to mids, and impact and resolution to bass, among other things. A good amp can completely redefine your listening experience with your current headphones, and also depending on your source, a good DAC (digital to analog converter) with a good amp may just blow your mind. The Momentum is a great headset.

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thank you ! I dont know what is my "source" i mostly hear ALAC files from itunes in a macbook pro, it has a line IN and an OUT :D i dont know either what a DAC is :/ 


im such a noob in the music world, even 2 days ago i used to think that beats are the best headphones ever xD thanks bro !

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