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Why do you have good and/or expensive headphones?

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Friend of mine was getting me something for christmas, asked me what i wanted. He was offering a decent sum of money as the gift, and i asked for a pair of He-400's. He says, "Why would you need such expensive headphones? Do you make music or something?"


So, head-fi, why do you spend so much on headphones?

What's YOUR reason?
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For me it's all about recreating what I have in my car. I have an old school Hifonics and a pair of Orion competition subs in my trunk. I want that listening experience when I at home without disturbing the wife and kids. This also explain why I'm a basshead and care nothing for classical.

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I just love music. I also spend a lot of time at a computer watching podcast, listening to music ect. So, I decided, a while back that a nice pair of headphones might suit me well and I've been hooked ever since.
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Once someone said when you tried the a great headphone you can not turn back.

For me plus some money to spare .. 

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For the love of music.  smily_headphones1.gif

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To reproduce the music to the best it can be.

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Good sound to me is like sipping a thick, rich milkshake, or relaxing in a nice hot bath with water jets. Or, it's like getting PUMPED UP and gives me the energy to get through something. In other words, it's like non-fattening fattiness, it can be relaxing, or it can be invigorating. It keeps me engaged and gets me closer to the soul of the music. Bad sound sets up a wall that keeps me from enjoying the music as much. I want to have good (note: not necessarily expensive) headphones because they don't put up that wall.


Now if they could just invent a set of excellent-sounding headphones I can wear while in the Jacuzzi, that would be just brilliant.


And I don't mean these (though the idea is cool):


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Headphones offer an intimate sounds that scales well in price over high end speakers. So yes, I hear it and no one else does and that will always be the flaw in head-fi. But I appreciate it and in the end that's all that matters.

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...... private sonic  indulgence....n upfront seats, without crushing thru a rock concert...or any royal concert hall.beerchug.gif

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For the love of music! I have the headphones because I have the money... and I have to say, finally having good headphones has made me appreciate music even more.

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Originally Posted by Wasatch View Post

To reproduce the music to the best it can be.

This sums it up for surebeerchug.gif

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Good headphones are lots of fun. 

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It started as a means of gaining a competitive advantage in gaming, then it became more of an "I'm there" immersion tool for gaming and music alike, to be practically enveloped in sound that seemed to be coming from the air around me while effortlessly unveiling every detail and nuance.


And on top of that, having all of that without disturbing everyone else in the house, as loudspeakers would do, was a necessity. The rest of my family doesn't need to be hearing explosions, gunfire, and VoIP chatter.


As it so happens, my path to Head-Fi led me to Stax, and my wallet hates me for it. But my ears wouldn't have it any other way...

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Because they...ROCK!!!

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'cause I can.



Though I do, these days, prefer being blasted by a brace of speakers/subs. I think it's a prostate thing.

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