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got some he-400's a couple weeks ago and my buddy is about to bring his new denon ah-d600.  i really don't think there is any way for the denons to keep up with the 400's as the planar's are super quick and detailed like nothing that i've heard out of a dynamic driver.

we will see though.  the denon's measure extremely well as far as phase, distortion and well most other measurements.  unfortunately measurements don't really show a headphones ability to pull details.

well i have them on right now actually and can tell you i am definitely buying a pair of these for my wife.

technically the he-400 is a better headphone.  i knew that.

but these d600's have something special to them. who ever said the bass is too much is a flippin sheep.

the phase on these +isolation makes for an amazing escape into the music.

when i want to enjoy the he-400's i have to focus on the musicand actually make time to listen to them.  they are great then and the amount of detail and dynamics makes for a great experience. 

these denon's however really really instantly get you into the music where ever you are at.

people say they don't think they are worth the full price and that's without a doubt the truth but for the price you can buy them at they are a great headphone.

they aren't as detailed and the body of the sound isn't as big as the planars huge surface area but you will neglect that when listening.

they are a more compressed sounding headphone and sometimes can sound a little grainy and muddied.  when i say little, i mean little.  it's never enough to really distract you from the headphone.

but this isn't an audiophile headphone.  it's a great fun headphone. it easily bests the 400 in the ability to get evolved into the music. 

absolutely great instrument separation.  great coherence of highs, mids and lows that never dwell into each others regions.  the mids stuck in your brain.  this

truly is amazing the focus this headphone has.

i will definitely be buying a pair of these

now that i know how important phase is on the graphs i think i'm definitely going to be trying the new audeze lcd-x at income tax

then again, i honestly might just get a pair of these and be done with it.  use the 400's for that feeling of knowing i have high end with the amount of detail and speed they have.  also the bass really is pretty amazing.

thank you for making such a great headphone denon