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Do I need a amp for the Sony XB1000?

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I use an SGSIII which gives a lot of bass and volume, but I have read that to unleash the beast, you need an amp for these.

The 70mm drivers are 10x better today than they were out of the box..

Out of the box, they were terrible on the ultrabook... On the SGSIII listening to some electronica today, they loosened up A LOT.
Now they sound much better on the ultrabook :) I have only used them for about 7-8hrs in total now.. Dont know how much burn in they need, but I read some where 200 hrs?? he he, that's quite a lot :)

At first out of the box, they didnt sound better than my logitech g35's on the ultrabook. Now they are much better in both bays as well as clarity / treble and they have a quite wide soundstage. I let my brother test them too, he has some beats pro by dr. dre, he was very impressed with them. (I let him put it on his SGSIII with some music he listens to).

He also felt the enormous pads were SO SMOOOTH like I feel :)

Sorry for the offtopic, I just love this headset... I was not really in the market for a headset, but I stumbeled upon the xb500, then the xb700 and then the xb1000.
Seeing that the only 70mm(?) headset is discontinued, made me buy it instantly.. I had to experience it, and I'm quite glad I bought them!


Here are my xb1000's:

They look quite....beefy!

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ps, is this a good brand for hs amp? Fiio? or some other I can buy from ebay?

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If you want to get the most out of your XB1000 I personally recommend amping them. They're rather big headphones and would enjoy the extra power. I think with some amping and bass boost, you'll be in tears of happiness, if your head doesn't explode first. Look into a dac/amp such as FiiO E17 which can be used with both your laptop and Galaxy. FiiO amps are well regarded here.

Here's a review.

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