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iPhone 5 amp for Sennheiser HD650?

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Hello! I am the proud new owner of a pair of Sennheiser HD650's, and I'm looking for a way to amp them up from my iPhone 5 without chaining together a bunch of adapters. I'm not overly interested in an external DAC for listening from my iPhone 5, which I guess is a good thing because most of the threads I've read allude to difficulties with hooking up the 5 with a DAC.

I was looking at the Fiio e11 for a while, but I haven't been able to find a LOD to 3.5mm headphones to connect the iPhone to the amp, though I guess I could adapt the new iPhone 5 port to the old kind. Also, my Sennheiser HD650's comes with a 1/4in plugin, which I realize is extremely easy to adapt to the 3.5mm that the e11 outputs in, but something about IPHONE --> ADAPTER --> LOD --> E11 --> ADAPTER --> CANS seems excessively convoluted, and makes me apprehensive and unhappy.

Is there any quality product out there that will simply amp my headphones from my iPhone 5 that is more elegant than the adapted fiio e11 solution? My budget is preferably something at or under $150--obviously as cheap as possible without being a piece of crap.


Thanks in advance for any wisdom!

Side note, I don't MIND the idea of having a DAC/amp, like the E7/E9 or E17/E09k, because quite frankly my desktop DAC is a piece of crap... mostly I've resigned to never using my headphones with my desktop simply because I don't have the budget to buy $250 worth of mobile+desktop amp (e17/e9k). However, if there was a great product out there that would allow me to listen off of my desktop AS WELL AS my iPhone 5 while still staying withen my budget, that'd be a winner.

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I'm not sure what you should buy but I have an iPhone 5 too and I just wanted to say that it's pretty stupid that they changed their line out. Can't use my LOD anymore. Stupid Apple and changing things for the sake of changing things and screwing everything up.


 /end rant

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Things evolve. I've seen the connector and it looks a lot less clunky and likely to give a better connection. Not everything Apple do is calculated to p off their customers.
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