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I'd definitely go for the he400...

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First off, thanks for all of your input guys.


secondly, from what im reading here. the general consensus is to get a cheap DAC then go for sweet cans later. 


the only problem i have with this is that i was lookin to throw $300-400 into my headphone setup then chill for awhile and save up for a some PC upgrades later (RAM, blue ray drive, HD8870 when i comes out). then after a good long while spend some more money on my headphone rig.


I dont want to get a lower end DAC and a nice pair of cans and only want to upgrade the DAC later also


so as of now im leaning hard towards getting the bifrost, plus it will look sweet to stack my schiit asgard on top of the bifrost

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I am using the Asgaard with HD598s and I love the combination. The Asgaard provides the low end punch the Senns need. My source is a high-end Denon universal player with SACDs and DVD-As or CDs. My question is this: the DAC in the Denon is rated pretty well - would I notice much difference if I inserted a Bifrost in the signal path? Other's experiences with Denons would be appreciated. Thanks much.

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If i were you i would purchase a new good pair of headphone first, then an good amp(because you owning an decent amp now) and a cheap DAC 

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Well if I buy any DAC its gonna be the bifrost. But have been thinking about snagging a lyr to replace the Asgard. Would that be better to grab before the bifrost
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Short answer: go for the DAC first. You already have a very decent pair of headphone, plus the HE-400 aren't for everybody and you should try them first (peculiar sound and very heavy compared to DT880). Right now, you bottleneck is your source (one heck of a bottleneck) and if you are like me, you will have to listen to all your library again once you get the Bifrost. By the time your done, you will have the $$$ to get a new pair of headphone if you feel like so.

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I would also recommend going DAC first before going anywhere else. Bifrost looks nice together with Asgard or Lyr :) I have Bifrost + Lyr stack but I'm actually using a Onkyo SE-300 sound card as toslink output to bifrost so the change of quality from the soundcard's DAC to the Bifrost DAC was actually quite minimal but enough to hear the difference (Using a high end sound card + external DAC is an overkill lol) 

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Jason at Schiit recommends the headphones, then amp, and last the DAC. Owning the HE-400, i concur since these cans sound amazing with an iPhone. Now im waiting for my Asgard 2. Then eventually a DAC and the Bitfrost is high on my list along with the Dacport LX. I think this is the order to buy things to maximize your audible impact for the dollar.
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