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Upgrade from Crossfade lp's

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Well, its that time again. Searching for new head gear, but an upgrade from vmoda's crossfade lp. They are OK, nice isolation and all but the comfort is killing me. I can't wear these things for an hour without getting a headache. I need something comfortable and something to relax to. Alright you get the point. Price range: 100-280 dollars would be nice. Portable, comfortable, great isolation, easy to travel with, and so forth. I listen to electronic music so just a bit on bass emphasis. (I am not a basshead)

Thanks again Head-Fi.

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Would you like me to pick you out something off of this list? http://www.head-fi.org/t/433318/shootout-107-portable-headphones-reviewed-astrotec-as-100hd-as-200hd-added-12-02-12

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Anything is welcome. Much appreciated. I am brain dead on an upgrade.
Something similar to vmodas.. Besides the comfort.
Thanks once again.
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Sony MDR-ZX700


Audio-Technica ATH-M50


Sennheiser HD25-1 II

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Thanks.. I will look further into detail with these..
Ath m50s are an upgrade?
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V-Moda M100


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I'm hearing some good things about the UE6000. I will also look into that.
Thanks for the suggestion.
Have you heard of the sound by chance?
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Might be visitng a headphone store. Will make sure I audition those UE if not, see if there's any good headphone that suit you.

From a few reviews that I had read. They are empasised in bass with slightly recessed mids.
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Sounds great! Inform me if you have..
Will do
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Recessed mids you say? Hmm interesting
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My brother(he has no experience with headphone) find the UE6000 bad.

As for ATH-M50, I would recommend it if it's your first purchase of headphone. The bass are good but not tight. Mids are recessed a bit & highs are okay. However, I feel like the sound are all squeezed together.

HD518 from Sennheiser are good. Good bass with smooth midrange(EMO, I find it ted better than SRH-440) & highs are clear.

AKG K550 are the best choice! Same like HD518 but way much better. Don't worry about the size, it fits my small head(I'm 14) pretty good smily_headphones1.gif

Just my 2cent.
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Arent the k550 more of a flat sounding headphone?
Ill be sure to check out the sennheisers though! Thanks for the suggestions.
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http://en.goldenears.net/13746 not exactly... The bass are strong when I pair it with iBasso D7. You can too try the Sennheiser Momentum which is quite bassy in my opinion. It's not tight thought. & FYI, the Momentum earpada, are small. If you have bigger than average ear, it can be a lil uncomfortable. smily_headphones1.gif
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