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Looking for some upgrade advice!

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Hey guys,


Been lurking around these parts for a while now, been really meaning to upgrade my setup with a budget of ~$500 CAD, and with christmas around the corner, now seems as good a time as any!


So a little bit of backstory:


I started off with PC350s and a Fatality X-Fi, which I was very pleased with for the past several years (used to be primarily a gamer). Last year I built a new machine and swapped in an ASUS Xonar DX, which I have not been very impressed with for music or gaming. However, I recently discovered my love and new obsession for lossless music, and as I expand my library, I want to be able to experience the full potential of my music. I love listening for the little intricacies in each song, stuff I never used to pay any attention to. I primarily listen to rock / alternative / indie folk. Some of my favourite bands include: RHCP, Blind Pilot, Led Zep, Incubus, Radiohead.


I'm thinking I should swap out the Xonar DX since I'm not happy with it with either an Xonar ST/STX or Omega Claro (both of which have a dedicated headphone amp), my only worry is that I plan on buying Swan M200MkII/III or equivalent loudspeakers down the line, and I'd need a seperate amp for that. Is there any better approach there?


Anyhow back to headphones...


What I'm looking for is something to experience the fullness of my music, under $300 comfortable for long use, and still be great for gaming (mostly FPS' eg. CS:GO, BF3, FC3, TF2).


I've looked into these ones so far, and I really don't know which one would suit my needs best, so hopefully you guys can help me decide:


- Fischer FA-011

- Beyerdynamic DT990 PRO

- Audiotechnica AD700

- Audiotechnica ATHM50

- AKG Q701


I'm obviously open to suggestions!


Thanks for your help in advance :)

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IMO, there are no good headphones suited for gaming. If you are a casual gamer then it doesn't really matter, keep the pc350s. Look for something with big drivers >45mm.


Audiotechnica ATHM50

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