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For Sale: VSonic GR07 mk1; ULTRASONE PRO750

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For Sale:
VSonic GR07 mk1; ULTRASONE PRO750

Will Ship To: Anywhere

I own both AKG but only need one, so I am going to sell the one that gets the highest offer. Both are in very good cosmetic condition. Pads are worn out, and the K400 headband is a bit loose. I created a small head-pad for it with felt, and it does its job, but a pad change should fix all problems. Looking at $OLD + shipping for K500, or $120 + shipping for K400, although I hold the final decision.


I am looking to sell the Sony SA3000 for roughly at the $OLD mark. Again please send me your best offer.


Sony ZX701ip for maybe the $50 mark? It is essentially the same as the ZX700 except with an in-built mic cable.


Beyerdynamic DT1350 for $210 + shipping?


GR07 looking at $95 + shipping.


Ultrasone PRO750 at $150 + shipping.


I absolute baby my headphones. Request for pictures if you are interested :)

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For Sale: $85 (AUD)
For Sale: $8 (AUD)
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How bad are the pads on the K400 / k500? Any chance you could post more detailed pictures? Also pardon my ignorance but what kind of termination / plugs do they have?  that is, can they plug directly into a portable source like an iPod or a portable Cmoy amp?


And finally, I know this is subjective, but how would you rate/compare the sound signature of each of these old AKG's - either to each other, to other phones you've used, or in general?





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Hey Miguel,


I can't believe your comment slipped under my nose! The K500 is now sold.


It was a tough tough tough choice between the K400 and K500. My observation is that the K500 is brighter, has a bigger soundstage. K400 on the other hand is more about its mids, and it is some very lovely mids. Both are bass light but it is not non-existent so it is fine for the right purpose. I ultimately preferred the K400 more because I am becoming more and more of a mid-lover.


Upon first listen I always find the K500 more 'special' with the extra airiness and openness, but then the K400 sounds so real and emotional so there we go.

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when did you get your gr07?

and how long did you use it for?

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Got them for about a year with average usage, probably around 350hrs? Guessing I use them two hours per day and on rotation with my TF10...

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What are the differences between Mk.1 and MkII. for the Vsonics? Do they have news tips on them and are they compatible with Comply Foam?

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The tips are interchangeable with UE/Sony Hybrids so I think T400 should fit although maybe not as snuggly.


You might be better off trusting your own researches but I think the MKii has better treble extension?

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pm'd about the vsonics

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Are you still interested in selling the Pro 750s?

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