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headphones for 7 year old sister

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Hey, lookin to get my lil sis some phones. Looking for something decently sturdy, light, and that will stay on her tiny head.

I found some HD201s for $18



Those seem like what I'm looking for, does anyone have any other suggestions or even some first hand experience with headphones for children?


edit: Looking for a rather inexpensive set, let's say under $30.

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ksc75 with parts express headband <-- my choice since its around 20-25usd including the headband and it sounds great as well

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She might like the look (and sound) of the Philips Downtown.  Apparently they are quite lightweight and comfortable.   Take a look at Tyll's write-up here: http://www.innerfidelity.com/content/philips-citiscape-downtown  


For example, white is about $55 and Purple about  $60 over on Amazon.  Have a feeling that a 7 year old would enjoy either color -- perhaps especially the purple  :-)

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Thanks for the suggestions, the ksc75 are a possibility.

The other headphones looks good, especially the downtown.. but the cost is a bit high. Sorry, I forgot to mention I want to find something rather inexpensive. If she takes care of them maybe I'll get her some downtowns or something later.

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KSC-75 they are amazing for the price!
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The $10 ones on the Target rack will do just fine.
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If you're not in a hurry... the Sennheiser HD428 refurbs can be found for anywhere from $23-25 @ vminnovations whenever they have a sale. The latest iteration two weeks ago:


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Koss UR-22v would be perfect. They're $18 at any Wal-Mart and unlike most $20 headphones, they're quite good.

You can even upgrade them with Pearstone Velour pads later!


I prefer them to the UR-40 and UR-20.

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m50 at best (if you love your sister that much lol)

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