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I thought it would be a fun project to spray paint a pair of MonoPrice 8323's with a friend. It's my first time doing this, and since there so cheap, I figured why not?


I'm not planning on spray painting the entire headphone a diffrent color, because I don't want the color to fade or peel off. But I am planning on adding a couple green (glow in the dark, maybe?) accents on the the actual cans, and maybe a couple on the band. It would also be great to add some new more comfortable pads (velour?), and of course a new neon green cable with mic control.

So umm, how do I do this? What kind of paint? what some essential steps be careful that I don't ruin these? Will it affect the sound?


I also want to add something to attractively cover the ugly monoprice logo. Any ideas?


Im so clueless. Anyone who can help please reply.