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VSonic GR-07 Recable

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Good afternoon head-fi!

Recently, my GR07 cable bit the dust. I get no sound, or poorly transmitted sound, unless I play with the cable near the 90 degree 1/4" input and get it just right... This saddens me deeply as I do not have a backup pair of buds :( I have tried emailing VSonic with no reply, so I come to the best community in the world looking for support and answers.


I have done a lot of research on this topic, and have come up short with the exception that it IS in fact possible. Now, I'm not sure that I personally possess the stready hands and expertise to solder a fresh pair of cables myself, but theoretically speaking, would the Dark Lords work for the GR07s? I don't see why not. Any other recommended cables that y'all can think of? Do you guys know of anyone in the community that does recabling jobs like this?

I am in desperate need of help. Let's discuss, and if I end up taking this project on myself, I will of course detail it in this thread for the community.




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I know Brain from BTG Audio does alot with ear/headphones, from recabling, to awesome mods! great reviews of his work too

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I'm not sure if getting a recable is worth it, unless you want to do it yourself (DIY)...?

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Eddie C - Thanks for the link bro! I shot Brian a message, I'll see what he says.

shureThing - The buds are shot, so it's either a recable, or hang them up for viewing pleasure because they are not in working order. This would be a DIY recable if I were to dive into it, with the help of you guys.

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No problem! post some pics up if you get them done by Brian!

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I definitely will, Eddie.

I am still up for a DIY recable if anyone with a little bit of expertise is willing to give me some guidance :) only a few days in, and already I am so sad w/o my GR07s.

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Anybody have any thoughts/ideas as to how to even open the GR07s?

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The earpiece should be glued together, an inner side piece and an outer piece maybe a fine razorblade and careful prying. Look for the "seam" where the pieces are glued together
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Good start, and so then what after that? o.O

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open the earpiece, desolder the cables from the drivers then solder on new ones

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Recabling a dynamic driver IEM is not the same as recabling a BA IEM. You have to pay very close attention to the amount of cable inside the housing, among other things. The dynamic driver inside the GR07 uses it's housing as an enclosure for the driver, so if you change the volume inside the housing, you will affect it's sound output! You should look in the original GR07 thread, as this was already discussed there many times. There are even pictures there somewhere of an open GR06 (same housing as the GR07). It should be a pretty easy task, if done carefully and leaving everything as it was in it's original state. I know that in China there's someone offering a GR07 recabling service, with several cable options available (and different prices too). This was also discussed at the GR07 thread...

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Putente - I have read all of the instances where recableing was discussed in the original GR07 thread, and have seen the picture to which you refer. That really just doesn't do me much good tbh. The information was very lackluster, and I care deeply about these buds and their sound signature.


I would be glad to send them to a professional, and have messaged two already about this inquiry. Although for purposes of this thread, with some quality guidance, I would feel more confident in giving it a go myself.

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Sorry if my info is lackluster! it was actually all I had to do to recable myckm55 (the red iem in my avatar). I would suggest sending it to a professional then its not worth the risk of damaging your gr07. I only did it to my ckm55 because they are cheap and I didnt mind if I break them

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Thank you Eddie! Maybe I should do this with a cheap pair of buds just for the experience and understanding of it all :)

As for my GR07s, I am in contact with Brian right now, and I will most likely be sending the buds his way. I will keep all of you guys updated, thanks for your help and support.

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I wanted to let you guys know that I sent of my buds to Brian at BTG Audio the other day. I think he typically takes two weeks for his projects, so hopefully I'll hear back soon and then I will definitely post some pictures of the final product ^_^ I'm SO excited!!

Thank you guys for your help.

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