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JDS labs cMoy?

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Thinking of building one of these to give myself a little project.  


I read a review somewhere (can't remember which but was recommended on here) that suggests it has a better sound than the FiiO E11.  The only thing putting me off is the case.


So rather than just buying a pre built one, I am toying with the idea of a DIY project and making case to my own tastes.


One things that strikes me is it is quite thick due to the use of 9V batteries and from what I can see from photos, the large capacitor.  

The capacitor I can take off the board and mount on its side, but I would need an alternative to the 9V batteries.  


Has anyone done something similar?  Maybe a bank of 6 AAA's or are there any suitable mobile phone type batteries that could be used?


I am handy enough to be able to build an enclosure, assemble the components etc, but my electronics knowledge is very limited.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.  

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I have no clue about your battery situation but I was in the same boat as you and wasn't really feeling the case. I contacted JDS and they were able to provide a blank "stainless steel" tin case instead of the Altoids case.

Really off subject but just throwing it out there.

Good luck
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I am thinking of something a bit more 'sexy'.  A nice wood/aluminium combination maybe, I have a couple of ideas floating around in my head.


Also trying to rough out some ideas to incorporate an ipod dock to avoid having external wires and rubber bands.

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I use a lithium thunder power battery in mine.

heavily modified. buffered rail splitter as the ground, tle2426 + buf634. 1000uf cap with much smaller cap across it(one of the speced bass boost caps). and a 220pf feedback loop compensation caps soldered across r4. njm4556 opamp or opa1602. r4 changed to 1.5k

also have one with a opa2684, everything same as above without the feedback loop compensation cap. r4 changed to 1k.

all on a jds pcb. theyre not bad. still trying to tweak it but its fun.
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Unfortunately most of that has gone right over my head.  :lol:


Battery wise, to keep it simple it looks like a bank of either AAA or AAAA rechargables will the the easiest thing to source.  Can make it a lot smaller by using AAAA's but obviously a lot lower capacity.  300mAh vs 800mAh.


Any idea how much use that would provide? 

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