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Monoprice 8323 vs Sony xb-500?

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I just wanted to know if anyone had compared these two headphones? I've owned the monoprices for over a year and really like them, especially for $20.00. But I've been wanting something that has more bass, but also better mids and highs... Pretty much an upgrade all around. I know neither is super "accurate" and that's ok because I'm not looking for that- just something that is as fun to listen to as the monoprices, but with more bass and smooth musical mids/highs.
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i own both, if what you're looking for is more bass then yeah you're definitly gonna get that, the xb500's are an order of magnitude above the monoprices in terms of just pure raw bass lol


they might be the bassiest headphones out there at any price point even, but as with all things theres a tradeoff



the monoprices smooth and forward mids (which i love) are going to dissappear, both the mids and the highs are going to appear super recessed in comparison to the xb500's



if you listen to rap and maybe some indie rock as well as dubstep/edm, then you would probably be happy, but anything else is only going to seem like a sidegrade/downgrade

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Adding on to ^ The XB500s are way more comfortable than the Monoprice headphones. XB500s are nice and versatile, with a very fun bassy sound, but can still be EQ'd out nicely.

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Thanks guys, I guess the Monoprices are really that good and compete win higher priced headphones- I listen to them way more than my Grado sr-60's ( I find these have very little bass and too much treble) but aren't as involving as my PSB Stratus Mini speakers. Maybe ill save up a little more and get something like the Ultrasone hfi 580, Shure 440 or Sennheiser hd-280. I once owned the Sennheiser hd-201 and thought they were good for the price.
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I forgot to mention what musc I listen to- which is Metallica, Sublime, 2pac, Kottonmouth Kings, Green Day, Prince, Dr Dre, iron Maiden etc. Basically a lot of 80's and 90's rock/alternative and rap. I don't really listen to trance, dub step or classical.
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