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Sennheiser hd 428

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So I tried on a pair of sennheiser hd428 s at best buy: http://www.bestbuy.com/site/Sennheiser+-+Around-the-Ear+Headphones+-+Black/Metallic+Chrome/9417295.p?id=1218102966969&skuId=9417295

And absolutely love them.

Any suggestions that are like these headphones?

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If you like the 428 you should also look at the HD 439, They take the 428 and make it better in every aspect. I picked a set up for myself. They run great right off your ipod etc.  Just give them a few days to really come alive.

I'm not a big burn in believer but they do seem to tighten up quite a bit. Best thing they are only $20 more and really worth it.

I've tried all the 400 series and think these are the best " All Around" in the bunch...



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They were my first pair of good headphones.  I really like them.  They really need a burn in period though.  I was completely disappointed with them right out of the box but after a few weeks they really sounded great.

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