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Hello, I'm looking for a good set of audiophile headphones with a budget of about $150 ($200 would be okay, if need be). I'm still not sure if I going for open or closed, but I'm leaning a bit more towards open. I listen to a wide range of music, including ambient, folk, a bit of hip-hop, and rock, but a huge portion of my library is extreme metal, or more specifically, black metal. I really don't want bass-heavy headphones. Also, I probably will be using them for some video games, but I don't count this as an important factor because I rarely play games on my computer anymore. Some of the headphones I'm interested in are the AKG Acoustics K-240's, Audio Technica ATH-700's, ATH-900's, ATH-M50's, Sennheiser HD 518's, and Shure SRH840's I'm really interested in the ATH-900's, but it seems like they do not fit well with black metal.


So, people who listen or have listened to a decent amount of extreme metal, what are your opinions on the headphones I have listed? Which would you recommend? Are there any other headphones that fit what I'm looking for better than the ones that I've listed? Thanks for sharing your opinions!

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