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O2 IC replacement?

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I want to hear from other builders to see if they have tried other IC's other than the 4556?


I want to build and O2 after building my first cmoy and being quite impressed, but question the 4556. I have the 2228 in my cmoy right now and sounds quite impressive. I tried the 2132 and to me it sounded similar to the 2228, but the 2228 had a tad more detail on the top end and also better low end performance. The worst of them all was the 4556, which is why I am wondering if the O2 might see and improvement with a different IC.


I know technically it tests better and the circuit was designed around it, but I just wonder if this design could be improved upon with a better IC, or are the others just not up to the challenge or compatible with the circuit design.

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No offense, but I'll just throw it out there that it's difficult to swap these things and actually remember how stuff sounds for a fair test.  Something perceived as worse or better may not necessarily be the same the next time, especially if you blind yourself and don't know what you're listening to.  Hard to say.



Anyway, what gain did the CMoy have?  With O2, output op amp is at unity gain, so there's more feedback.  Along that note, at unity gain, some other options may not be stable...


What headphones would you use, at what volumes?  If not a lot of current is needed, certainly there are many options other than the 4556.  If you don't mind getting SOIC8 to DIP8 adapters and soldering those tiny things, there are more options, even higher-current ones, available in SOIC8.

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