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Suggestions for a pair of headphones

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First of all I have to say that I don't know about audio stuff.  I always used the headphones that ipods come with until about 2 years ago when I randomly decided to get a pair of the Image One Stereo Klipsch.  I really enjoyed being able to hear details that I wasn't able to hear before.  They broke and now I'm looking to get a new pair of headphones but I want some of advice this time.  

I'm looking to spend around 200-300.  I don't know if it matters but a lot of my music is at 256 kbps.  I'm mostly going to listen to the headphones with my laptop and sometimes with my iPhone so am I going to need an amp?  I listen to a lot of live jam band type music but also listen to a wide range of music except for pop, hip hop, and rap.  I'm not looking for ridiculous bass like the dre beats but want headphones with decent bass.  I guess I'm looking more for decent bass and mid range.  I'm leaning more towards the open back but I might go for closed back.  Also, I don't care how the headphones look.

Thanks for any suggestions or advice!  Also, I want to learn more about this stuff, so if anyone knows where I could learn more I would appreciate it.  Thanks again!

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Some headphones that come to mind are:


Philips Cityscape Downtown ( Brown )

$100 or less






Audio Technica ATH-M50

$150 or less

Built extremely well





Ligitech UE6000

$200 or less

Balanced sound signature





I would check out Tyll Hetsens' Wall of Fame





David Mahler's massive Flagship review:


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