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Hello guys,


I've recently purchased the LCD 2.2 which I do actually like.

Now I only have an Audio GD Fun at the moment. I would say it has enough power to drive LCD, because the volume is at 12 o'clock max. I would actually want to upgrade and have been kinda lost as to what I should buy, although I'm not sure if it's going to bring a lot in comparison with the Audio GD Fun.


I've been trying to find something suitable but there is so much stuff. I have to mention I'm planning on acquiring a second pair of Headphones as a supplement and be happy :). I'm thinking of maybe Hifiman-500 or Sennheiser HD800. I've ready that Violectric V200 is a good pick for both of these cans but it doesn't have a symmetrical output. I guess if I want to invest some 1000$ in an amp I want it to have a symmetrical ouput. Or is it rubbish and I shouldn't care much about it? I think I'm gonna sell the Audio GD Fun and spend some 1500 EUR (I'm from Europe) for DAC and Amp. Maybe someone could suggest some nice devices for me, preferably which I can get in Europe. I've been looking at Audiolab MDAC but I'm kinda lost, if I'm gonna use it as only DAC than it kinda has too many features in it which I don't use. If I'm gonna use it as all in one solution than I don't want all the filters and such stuff.


So far I like LCD a lot actually but there is a huge problem with the soundstage. I don't know how to describe it but more often than not I get a clear feeling that the instruments are located ABOVE my hand and even slightly behind but not in front of me. I do find it pretty annoying.