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[review] Philips SHO2205 Earphones with mic

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got them in today, finally.

I was searching for far more rugged earphones then my last monster pro coppers since i didnt like their build quality... see this thread for that: http://www.head-fi.org/t/637025/need-destruction-proof-deep-bass-earphones

Got adviced to buy the SHO2205 and decided to go for them.


Initial tests:


used couple of songs i like:
Otte knows - Million Voices.

Nicki Minaj - Starships.

NemesisTheory - Edge of Faith.

TERA OST - Echo Ranch.

Girlstep - Obelisk(extremly beautiful bass)

DavidOrr - Stormy Seas.

Settlers 7 OST - Thieves of time

Nightwish - I want my tears back.

-All played on iphone 5.


as you can see i have a pretty much wide range of music i like. My opinion is that any song can be great as long as the melody of the song is great and catchy. Although i hate music of my own country, hate hardcore and in most cases dislike drum & bass, rap and dubstep(although there are exclusions like a dubstep song i tested these headphones on)


Sound Quality:

lows are excellent. no no not what you are thinking that they are just excellent. these actually beat my monster pro coppers in lows! Seriously im not talking about the loudness of bass, but it also about the level how deep the sound goes. the level of deepness is on par with the copper or better, but it goes way louder and punchier then the monsters. like 5 times i'd say.

The tips that came with it were perfect for my ears. i almost couldnt believe that these actually fitted more comfortable and were better in noise blocking then all my army of pro copper tips. Probaly luck but maybe not...


Anyways, dont hit the buy button yet....because the mids and high's are definatly not on par with the monster pro coppers. This does not mean these are bad earphones.

I actually enjoy these alot. Lets just say the mids and highs are fair.

For example in the beginning at that nightwish song i tested, the bagpipes really sounded a bit dull, a bit backgrounded and not really super clear. Probaly im spoiled by the monster coppers and i dont think these are that bad, but dont expect the best for the money you pay.

Also the voice of the woman who sings the nightwish song sounds backgrounded and not as beautiful as im used to with the pro coppers.


Classical/soundtrack songs like Stormy Seas, Echo Ranch and Thieves of time also didnt sound quite right. Although thieves of time is about a war. the drums does sound heavy wich makes you plunge into the story of the song, desame problem rises again that other tones sound alot less of quality....For classical and soundtrack songs i recommend keeping that "less low tones" iphone setting on forever. In my opinion its unacceptable if there are tones backgrounded or less clear then others on classical and soundtrack songs. With that "less low tones" settings, this genre sounds awesome again. (and better then some other 80usd earphones i tried)


Although all vocals sound a bit backgrounded and overall other tones are sacrified over the awesome deep bass(make up a better word then awesome), i spend time messing with the equaliser and the setting that gives less low tones is really working great. Although the iphone doesnt have a slider to manually adjust everything, this setting clearly made me hear much more beautiful vocals and other tones....Almost on par with the monster coppers, but not just yet. but close!


I recommend using these earphones with a kind of setting that makes it have less bass. Sure the bass is awesome but there are too much sacrifices. but once you got the good level, you are going to have a VERY good experience of the amount of money you pay. Although in my opinion, the setting of the iphone that says "less low tones" is to extreme, it puts bass too much down. Although exccelent other tones like i said before.


Build Quality:

Well guys this is day 1, i cant speak much about build quality but to tell you how things look.

So here are some pictures.





The cord to the 3,5mm plug has protection going futher then where the cord goes into the actual plug thingy so that does seem like a good idea. 


The remote with a volume slider(yes thats right, no volume buttons but a slider wich i kinda like for a chance) feels solid, but i do have the feeling the 2 cords that come out of it are less rugged then the earphones themself of at the 3,5mm plug. This does not matter THAT much i guess since thats probaly the point where not much stress is put on on daily use.


The mic of this headset is not on the remote. This is a very good idea. You can easliy grab the solid buttons and slider comfortable about 20cm away from your cheek, and dont need to grab it to talk. the mic is located just below your cheek and i like it. i have not made a call with it yet so cant speak about how good the thing works.


The earphones itself have desame wax filter as the pro coppers and i guess thats fine. They also have a simple design with a nice ring and the rugged backside that also covers some pieces of the cable. also good impressions here.

to keep it design simple the L and R letters are also made black so hard to see. but once you know it its simple because one earphone end is ofcource with a mic and the other is not.



Well this headset has cost me 30 dollars including shipping(wich by the way took VERY long, 30 days). I am pretty happy with it. i hope they will last and it does seem that way. Although for iphone users i would recommend something else since you cant get the bass/other tones to work together on a close-to-perfect level. Although im picky and i do not think every person will notice this- Judge this by yourself.

If youre all a bass freak and dont give a poop about other tones or stuff, you are going to have a awesome time with these earphones. People searching for rugity also would like this one i think.......but head my warning that this review are my first impressions. i will use these in bed so i will tell you guys should they break.


I will keep on using these with my iphone because i wanted something rugged, im tired of expensive earphones dieing on me because i dont treat them like a potentional girlfriend lol.


Hope you liked reading this and let me know what you think of my first big review :)

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i guess no one cares...

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good review

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