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MDR1R vs. DT770LE?

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Has anyone heard both of these headphones, I've worked it down to these two. I mainly listen to classical, jazz, and Bands like Mumford & sons, I heard the MDR1Rs have more pronounced mids, but as long as they're detailed I'm fine with that. I also heard the 770LEs are improved from the normal 770 pros. They're also both the same price (250$) and I'm having a tough time deciding so does anyone have some comparisons between the two?
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Don't the 770 Pro's have higher impedance?

Yes, to me 770's have recessed mids.

I'd say that Sony is finally trying to improve on the tried and true 7506's, and if that is the case then they should be very detailed.
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No, the anniversary edition is 32 ohms
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...vs. K550?

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FTR DT770 LE 32 ohms are great to me, the mids are a tad recessed but vocals are still reasonably forward. I do wish the lower midrange was more prominent but overall I'm liking it a lot. Great soundstage for a closed can. It's not quite as fast and punchy as I was hoping and the bass has a little bloat to it, but overall it sounds great. A bit like a full-sized TF10 if you ask me.

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the better the amp. the better the DT770 (any ohm) sound. Ive actually read a review (and later tested the theory) that the lower ohm ones are harder to drive than the 250 (600 is still 600). I now own the 250 because the mids were less recessed and they have more detail. But it came at the scrifice of SOME of that "bloated" bass which other will relish, but i do like the 80ohm bass. The 250 bass sounds just as forward and HUGE unless you a/b them multiple times on the same patch of music and then you can see the 80ohm bass is slightly deeper, but less punchy and fast. I like both, but owning both would be a waste of space for more cans as they are too similar and i only have so much room.  Id recommend a beyer for any taste, out of the 770 line up i like the 250ohm and the 80, the 32 pro was more like the 600 ohm version with different pads. ... Scratch that... If i had the room i would own them all!

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Ah, well I already ordered the LEs, I don't have an amp yet, but I want to get one in the future
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They will be plenty loud without an amp, but don't fully judge the sound signature at all till you have heard them properly amped.
Great cans.
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Would a fiio 11 be good enough for a portable amp? Is it even worth getting a portable amp or should I get a full size amp for home listening?
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This is probably what it's down to for me for my second pair. Not the LE but the 250 ohm. The MDR1r and the 250 ohm...both comfy, I really like a detachable cable of the Sony's, but the 770 are much cheaper....
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I was going to post a thread with the same question as this thread.  The reasons I am considering the Sony MDR-1R or the new Beyer DT250 LE 32 Ohm is because I need a super-comfortable closed can for work.  There have been several good comparisons of the Sony MDR-1Rs to the Sennheiser Momentums and the Logitech UE600s, but none of those have included the new 32Ohm DT250 in the comparison...


I was all set to get the Momentums until I got to the part about the small size cups not fitting around many Audiophile sized ears.  Unfortunately any headphones I have tried that touch my ears get "ear"itating within an hour.


 Also considering the NVX XPT100's or the Philips CitiScapes to name a few more contenders if anyone has heard them in comparison to the dt250 LE. 

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