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Depending on your budget you might want to look into the Denon D5000's, Hifiman HE-400's, and the HE-500's (price from low to high). The D5000's have a pretty good rep (though I'll admit to never having sampled them), the HE-400's has more bass quantity than the 650's but the highs can be a bit to much for my tastes (I'm thinking about selling them). HE-500's are meant to be an improvement all round to the 400's, and for the price they seem like a phenomenal bargain (I'm thinking of trialing these along with the LCD-2's next year and keeping the one I like better).


I'm sure there are plenty of other good options as well though, Beyers especially seem to get quite a bit of rep (still yet to try any of their range).

Yep ...Ninja thx for the advice


i am now looking into the lcd-2's myself i do love the 650's but very disappointed with the low end shame really but one things for sure i will most likely keep the 650's as a reference ....I may still do the crack build with them but i would be better of with a amp that will power the 650's as well as the lcd-2...


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