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I'm picking up my PSB mu4 2's (what an awful name) today and I'm looking at upgrading my table top usb DAC/AMP. I'd like it to be a substantial upgrade (semi at least). My financial limit is the $249 dragonfly, which I considered, but I'd prefer a physical volume control and I'd also like to spend a little less.


Besides the uDac, my experience with DAC's is the Rega Dac, Audiolab M-dac and 2010'ish DacMagic, all in my main system with B&W 805n's and sugden amplification, prefered in that order. Rega liked for overall musicallily, but slightly disliked for upper bass hump). M-dac is rock solid and get's high technical marks, but somehow never got my juices flowing and just sounded a bit too dry in my main system).Finally the DacMagic, well is just sitting around looking to get replaced


So any pointers?  Let me know if you tried an dac/amp with the PSB's or if you've heard both the uDac and what you recommed!