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For Sale: Audez'e LCD-3 RMA/unveiled

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For Sale:
Audez'e LCD-3 RMA/unveiled

Will Ship To: Canada/USA

Hey fellow head-fiers, I'm selling my LCD-3 after a long and difficult decision. These headphones are mint and have been sent to Audez'e for the RMA. The wooden box has a few knicks; it's not perfect. I do not have the stock cable; it is a DHC Nucleotide custom balanced cable that was made by another great Head-Fier.



I am also selling a Schiit Mjolnir in case anyone may be interested in a combo or buying the amp itself. Scroll down to see my other classified



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PM sent :)

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Congratz to Golila3, nice LCD-3/Mjolnir combo for him!

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