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What Amp/Dac should I get?

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Hi guys,

I recently got my senn HD 650's off of Amazon, and I have $100 worth in gift cards for Amazon lying around. I've been contemplating buying the JDS labs O2 + Odac combo, but am thinking about spending the gift cards and just buying the amp/dac component separately from JDS. So here's my question: would it be optimal for me to get the combo at JDS, or should I buy another amp or dac in Amazon that I should buy with the cards that will give me equal or better performance as one from JDS labs? Thanks!

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I'm currently using the JDS labs O2 amplifier (no ODAC) with my HD 650's and HE-400's and I think its pretty damn good for the price. There seem to be quite a few O2's on ebay for slightly less money than what JDS labs sells them for assembled (the DIY kit is a bit cheaper if you plan to build your own). Honestly as a first amp/dac, I don't think you can go wrong with the O2/ODAC, you can always upgrade later and sell it (they seem to hold their value quite well).


As far as cheap amps/dacs go on Amazon, the Fiio E07k seems to be pretty good value although they might not have as much oomph as the O2.

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