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For Sale: Schiit Lyr - Like New

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For Sale:
Schiit Lyr - Like New

Will Ship To: United States

I bought this Schiit Lyr new, about a few months ago, to pair with my Audez'e LCD-2's. And that match was one made in heaven.  But since I've sold those, and because I have the NuForce DAC-100, I never really use the Lyr anymore. I really think that it is a great amp, but currently I don't have any ortho cans and I really don't plan on getting any in the future. So, Id like to sell and ship this amp with it's original packaging to someone who could use it more than I currently am. smile.gif It's in near perfect condition, I've used it for around 10 hours or so. It's a Class A amp I believe, so it can get hot. It came with 2 stock tubes that I will ship along with it. I have the original receipt and all of the original packaging that came with it. I'm not sure if the tubes are either the JJ or GE tubes that are normally chosen from when you buy it new from them, I just don't

want to take a chance just to pull out a tube right now without accidentally breaking something. Regular shipping will be included in the price and I prefer to use PayPal.


Thank you for anyone's interest.



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Would you ship to Toronto Canada. Payment preferences?

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The sale is pending.

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Sold! Thanks everyone for looking. headliner, I've never shipped outside of my country before, but I feel that I should, I'm going to look into it for future items for sale.

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