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Looking for work headphones!

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So here is the deal, I seem to have a horrible time with earbuds and getting them to stay in my ear. Whether it be apples new earpdods, skull candy buds, shure se215 abd others, none will stay in my ear. Tried the silicone tips and foam as well. So I began looking at neckband earbuds. When to Bestbuy and picked um some Motorola S10-HD's for $90. Not only was I unimpressed by the sound quality and the lack of volume, but found out I could get them for $50 shipped on Amazon. So here is the real question, can I get sone recommendations of neckband earbuds with decent quality? Corded or uncorded, does not matter. Price would be around $100 or less. Any suggestions would be great! Thanks!

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Perhaps go to amazon, or V-Moda.com and ordering some ear hooks to use. You just thread the wire through the hook and fix it on your ear, that should take some cable weight off the IEMs and help them stay in your ear. Would also save you alot.

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Do you want something that isolates or not? Perhaps you should consider something with earhooks?

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If you're going to listen to music at work on a desk, I recommend the Sennheiser Momentum. It sounds great un-amped it's very comfy and portable too. It also weighs like a feather. The problem with this headphone is that it may be too small for people that have ears bigger than the 75mm mark. If you're doing physical work, say, construction work, have a look at the Westone 4R. They isolate outside sound very well and are very, very, comfortable. You'll forgot you're even wearing them. The 4R isn't for everyone though, since it's a very flat and accurate headphone. If you can't shell out that much cash on the 4R's, you can always get the UM2's for half the price of the 4R. They don't sound as flat, but they still sound good and can do the job of isolating sound well. Do note that the 4R earpieces are a lot bigger than the UM2's so be sure to demo it at a store if you can before buying it. 

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Thank you all for the replies. At work I lift boxes, tape them up, that kinda thing. So not as rigorous as construction or anything but the bending over and reaching can cause the cord to tug the buds out of my ear. I will say that I did enjoy my se215's a lot, I just could never get the overly stiff memory section of the cord to form to my ear. I would also consider buds that take that approach as well. 

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Do what I do and run the cable underneath your jumper or shirt.  That way cable won't get caught on anything!

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