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MDR-V6 detachable cable mod - need cable recommendations!

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Hello everyone - long time lurker here!


I've just finished modifying my pair of MDR-V6s to include a 3.5mm jack socket so I can use a slightly more practical cable when out and about - big thanks to wrathzombie for his helpful tutorial here!


Here's the finished article:



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I didn't think it was too bad for a first attempt!


Anyway - I need some recommendations for a cable to use with it. I've got some spare 3.5mm leads knocking about but as they're cheap I doubt they are of particularly high quality, and of course, they're really really stiff. Can anyone recommend either:


 - a good quality cable (maybe 1-1.5m long, straight) which has plenty of flexibility like a normal headphone cable (preferably black, I don't mind braided but think unbraided would look better


 - OR would people recommend I make my own cable?


Thanks everyone - looking forward to getting involved with this great community.



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Just to add to the requirements - ideally I'd like the jacks on the cable to be as small as possible so that the low profile complements the headphone. That's why I'm slightly averse to making my own cable as it almost invariably means having to use a large connector because of all the soldering - unless of course someone can recommend a small 3.5mm jack!

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Found some great stuff like braided cable and metal jack plugs on Ebay. And a small 3.5mm jack also made out of metal here:



The seller is low20101020.


If this can help...

See you and enjoy your V6 !

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Getting different cables can actually make the headphones sound different, so maybe try more than one cable. Buy some, make some (if you have the time), it doesn't hurt

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