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Best-looking, reasonably-priced amp

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So I'm toying with the idea of a new amp to drive my Sennheiser 650's -- I have an old Audio-GD Compass right now.  From what I can tell, an ODAC/O2 combination is probably pretty hard to beat with anything less than $500, and as a professional scientist I like things based on numbers.


However, looks matter!  So, as a decidedly non-scientific poll, what's your favourite dac/amp setup (integrated or separate) in the $500 (or so) class?  I like the look of the Stello D100/A100, and the Schiit Bifrost/Valhalla combination is fairly pretty.  I'm also kind of attracted to the Little Dot D100/Mk.IVSE, and lots of people rave about that setup with the 650's.  So, bring on the opinions!

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My opinion-- A used Woo Audio WA-6.  My old one is in my profile photo.  Right around the $500 dollar mark.  I really enjoyed that pairing with the HD-650.  Plus the sound really takes off with higher grade tubes.  It will grow with you until you get into cans that need more power.


It's also damn pretty.

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I would say O2 in a better designed case. There are plenty of examples around.

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Sexy and cheap (though you could probably get better things with a budget of 500) means Schiit Magni and Mogi. Man, that Schiit is sexy. No idea how it sounds though.
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Another vote for the Magni, without hearing it obviously. For the price its not really a gamble and you'd think resell (value) would be a piece of cake if you didn't like it.

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The O2/ODAC is popular and very capable but it still has a very much DYI look with exposed screws and ergonomics playing a second fiddle to cost. 

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